I created a laptop case that doubled as a stand similarly to the iPad cases. I went through various designs and prototypes to end up with a solid final product. Along the way I learned how to use a laser cutter, vinyl cutter, and CNC router. 


As part of a pilot class at UC Berkeley, we were instructed to create a laptop stand or a magazine rack. Our professor stated that we are making the product solely for ourselves, and as such our class skipped a few of the initial steps in the design cycle involving more intensive research. We knew our own problems and were constructing a product solely for ourselves. 

After speaking with my professor, I began working on a laptop case that doubled as a stand. The origin of the design was when I began to question why iPads had been created with a dedicated case and stand, whereas Macbook's and other laptops had to choose a case and then get a separate stand. 

After many initial sketches of various forms for the potential product, I chose my best designs to be turned into prototypes. Initially clay, wire, and paper was all we had to create our prototypes. After viewing the initial prototypes, I chose one design that I would iterate on until the end. I then created many cardboard prototypes. I also laser cut multiple pieces or cardboard and wood for the necessary shapes required. The final product was cut using both a CNC router (for the base) and the laser cutter (for the top).