Unit 4 Bowles Hall, the residence hall that I was an RA for. 

Unit 4 Resident Assistant

During my Junior year of college I was fortunate enough to be one of the few selected students to become a Resident Assistant for the new Cal bears.

As a Resident Assistant I helped to provide support for the students in the halls. 

There was no such thing as a typical workday; you had to be extremely flexible and could be on call any time, 3:00 am lockouts are common. Some activities as a Resident Assistant I had to do were: planning and managing programs in the halls, talking with students about picking a major, leading floor meetings, designing a marketing plan to get students to the programs, tutoring residents, and helping students through homesickness struggles.  I was able to get more experience with my skills of communication, advising, time management and organization.

Many of the relationships I created with my residents turned into friendships and even business partnerships (Alex Kang is a resident of mine currently working on the GEO team).