Previously known as Sonoran, Precribd is an application in the health and medical industry to eliminate an unnecessary trip to the pharmacy. With Prescribd, doctors are confirmed users that issue prescription drugs to their patients. The issuing happens on our online portal, that routes through to our secure servers. The servers then send a request to the patient's phone. This is when the patient receives a notification of their pending prescription. They confirm the information about the pharmaceutical drug on their phone and swipe to send it to their preferred pharmacy. However this is when our servers reference both the doctor and patients confirmations of the prescription, when the two way verification is met at our servers it is sent to the preferred pharmacy. 

There are a few problems with prescription drugs and the pharmacies. The first problem being that of convenience. Many times you need to drop off your prescription and wait 30minutes to a few hours for it to be filled, however with Prescribd that time is nonexistent. After you send the prescription to your preferred pharmacy you will receive a confirmation that the prescription has been filled; saving both you and the pharmacy time. Another big issue currently with pharmacies is that fraud has become increasingly more common. Fraudulent prescriptions are easier to create with higher end printing equipment becoming cheaper. If a pharmacy accidentally fills a fraudulent prescription and is caught by the DEA, they can face many harsh consequences, including termination of their licenses. With our secure servers this is no longer an issue, and takes any risk away from the pharmacists. 

Our team had won the Social Impact Prize as a part of the Citris Mobile App Challenge. My role was overall design and research. 

We won the Social Impact Prize award as part of the Citris Mobile App Challenge at UC Berkeley.