In preparation for LA Hacks, my team and I deliberated intensely with multiple brainstorming sessions for an idea. Together, we chose to create a Pokémon in Real Life (IRL) type of game.

The idea was inspired by the Google April Fool's joke of becoming a Pokémon Master by scrolling around the map and discovering the Pokémon in certain pre-placed locations.

This was enjoyable, but boring after a while. We decided to make it even more like the Pokémon games, where you can get attacked while on the move. Notifications will pop up and inform you of the encounter. You can choose to capture the Pokémon at that time or let it wait in the encounter queue. After you encounter the Pokémon you get the chance to capture it. You can capture it by winning the mini-game.

But one thing that makes this truly unique, is that the Pokémon are located in what would be their natural environments. Based off of your current GPS coordinates we can track the nearby geographic points of interest, the weather, and the time of day. Using these three points of data we assign types of Pokémon to the areas.

So in essence, you are walking around in the real world and finding Pokémon in the virtual one of similar qualities. You must explore your environment to become a Pokémon Master.


PokèIRL. Watch and learn more!

Below are some final designs and some original sketches.