At the beginning of my sophomore year I began a job as a Computer Resource Analyst for the Information Technology department of the University of California Police Department of Berkeley. Long title, but basically I was an IT Analyst. I would ensure that all the domain systems were secure, that all software was up to date with the most secure standards, and that anyone experiencing trouble would be helped. In this position, I spent a vast majority of the time helping other staff to have their computers working optimally for their needs. I would listen to their issues and address the situation, if the solution was not stemming from a trivial or known issue then I would do some background research on the issue and have the problem patched up as soon as possible to limit the amount of momentum lost due to the circumstances. 

I also aided in the structuring of their servers, creating a server diagram and hierarchy that would allow others for a quick and easy visual representation of the server room. This was a necessity; if there was ever a technical server issue, the diagram would be needed so that it could be sent to the part manufacturers. 

The largest issue during the year was the turnover from Windows XP to Windows 7. The security for XP was going to be discontinued that June and as such we needed to have all computers updated with the proper software. After ghosting a few primary systems we were able to speed up the updating process to get all computers up to speed in time.