GEO: The Walking Search Engine


After working on multiple other similar geo-location apps, one of which virtualized the geocaching experience, I began GEO with a few friends. GEO is a location based service that allows for connections on the move, based on user set criteria. As a user you post a "thought" this is the main form and interaction through which the application works. In your thought you have the ability to set particular matches that you want the thought to be sent to. As you walk around, using bluetooth and general location services, other users nearby you who match your criteria, who also accept that incoming thought, receive the thought and a notification. 

For instance, it's Thursday evening and tomorrow you and your significant other have just been invited to a party set for that Friday night, however you don't have a sitter on hand that you have been able to meet face to face for your children. So, on Friday Morning you create a thought: "Are there any baby-sitters free this evening." And attached with that thought is the underlying criteria for the match, perhaps a female babysitter in her 40's who has already raised children. While continuing your daily routine, you found a match. At this point both you and the matched user are notified. Once both are notified, you have the ability to view and meet the person and exchange information, if you feel they are the right fit for your children. 

Another example, say there are free donuts being given away at Soda Hall for computer science majors. You can create a thought that matches with computer science majors informing others of the free donuts. 


To the right is a brief video we used at an f50 pitching competition held at PubNub in San Francisco.


Below is the brief version of the business plan that was handed out at the above event, many pages have been excluded.

Next Steps

We plan on simplifying the idea and becoming more niche. I had an alternate design scheme that was more human and less robotic that is soon to be implemented.